Memorial Day- Looking Back & Ahead

Each year as we observe Memorial Day, let us never forget the meaning of the holiday & the ultimate sacrifices our men and women have made protecting our country- the United States of America.

Considering the current state of divisiveness, we seem to be anything but united, but that must change. Too many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives protecting our country. To put those sacrifices in perspective, I recommend you visit the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. Spend a day walking amongst thousands of Tombs on these hollowed grounds.

And be sure to spend some time at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Since April 1948, it has been guarded 24 hours a day 365 days a year without exception. The Tomb Sentinel marches 21 steps passing the grave markers of each of the unknowns. Then turns 90-degrees & faces East & North for 21 seconds each, to symbolize a 21-gun salute- the highest military honor. A beautiful but somber tribute to our deceased Veterans. There are nearly 400,000 people buried at Arlington Cemetery. We must never forget our fallen heroes. It is because of their sacrifices that we enjoy our freedom today.

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