2024 Legislative Session- Week 1

The first week of each legislation session is mostly devoted to discussing the most pressing issues and the legislation that will potentially address them. Like most of my conservative colleagues, I’m focused on what we can do to provide relief for Georgians still reeling from the pressures of 40-year high inflation, public safety concerns, and rising healthcare costs worsened by out-of-touch, leftist policies. As I did last session, I’m focused on legislation that will make the lives of everyday Georgians easier and more enjoyable. I’ll be working to pass sound, common-sense policies that uplift, empower, and support the people, families and businesses of our state. Below are some legislative priorities that we’ll be discussing:


  • Cutting red tape to increase access and lower costs for patients
  • Holding providers accountable to ensure highest quality care 
  • Giving thoughtful consideration to updating Medicaid waiver  

Public Safety

  • Increasing state law enforcement officer numbers
  • Prioritizing recruitment and retention 
  • Cracking down on corruption and making improvements within Georgia’s prison system


  • Investing in Pre-K education 
  • Funding additional school security measures to keep students safe 


  • Increasing transparency and accountability in the process of addressing election complaints 
  • Protecting elections from AI interference 
  • Replacing QR codes with visible watermarks 


  • Accelerating the reduction rate of state income tax and returning another $1 billion to taxpayers
  • Increasing child and homestead tax credits

As always, I welcome your thoughts and questions.

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