The 2024 Legislative Session

I’ve been looking forward to January 8th, the first day of the 2024 Legislative Session. It’s an opportunity to continue the work we did last year as well as to create new legislation. As it has been on the past, my focus will be on working with my colleagues to create and pass bills that will improve the lives of all Georgians.

One of my top priorities is to refine the methods we use to recruit and retain law enforcement officers. I have NEVER supported any “defund the Police” movement. Wherever city, county or state police departments have had their funding reduced, the citizens have paid the price as crime has increased. Law enforcement officers not only keep, our highways and communities safe, they are often the first on the scene of accidents and other situations where they often make a difference between life and death.

Another priority is to increase our investment in education, beginning with early childhood education and continuing through high school and college. Education is the key to achieving success in the workplace. Everywhere you look, companies have “Help Wanted” signs so there are plenty of opportunities for good paying jobs for people who have the necessary education and skills. That doesn’t mean a four-year college degree is required. The training to qualify for some of the best paying jobs is available through technical colleges and special programs. But graduation from high school is also essential.

Unlike many other states, Georgia does an excellent job with fiscal operations. That has enabled us to lower taxes. . During the 2024, I’ll continue to work with my colleagues to reduce taxes so Georgians keep more of the money they earn..

As always, I welcome your comments.


  1. Day 1 Rey and I have no doubt you will be working hard for the citizens of Georgia! Thank you for what you do! -Lisa Newberry, Loganville City Council

    • Thank you Lisa. We have some serious challenges and you are correct, I’ll be working to make life better for all Georgians.

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